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2010 Application Information Post #1 Changes in the Process for 2010 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

2010 Application Information Post #1 Changes in the Process for 2010 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog Admission work pretty much follows an annual cycle and if you have been following the blog you know that much of the focus has been on wrapping up the current cycle of those who will be joining us this fall.   The bulk of admission travel and outreach happens during the fall months, however I have noticed that email traffic is picking up regarding the new application year that is ahead of us. I wanted to post an entry to assure those interested in applying for spring 2010 or fall 2010 that we will have plenty of content coming your way soon.   And for you incoming students, we still have information for you so stay tuned as well.   Thanks to all the new students that have been sending in photos!   If you have sent photos, rest assured I will get them up eventually, and if you have not sent photos yet, please do. For you future applicants, the Admissions Committee has been meeting over the past month to discuss how we can make the application process better for both those who apply and those who read the applications.   We have made some decisions and my staff and I are working with our technical crew as well as Senior members of the Committee to put everything in order for the coming year. The Committee had two main goals in mind this year.   First, we hope to make the process of submitting documents easier.   Second, we hope that some slight changes to what we ask for in the application will help the Committee to better evaluate candidates for admission as well as give candidates a better opportunity to explain their qualifications for our programs. I do not want to sound too cryptic or give too much away at this point.   The real gist of this entry is to assure you that the decisions we are making are in the best interests of all involved.   I can tell you that our goal is to have the new application go live on August 15th.   If you have started an application you will notice at this point there is no option to choose Spring 2010 or Fall 2010 as your application semester.   When the new application goes live these choices will be enabled, along with some modified instructions. Please do not fret, we will not be asking anything radically different, we will just be asking applicants to submit similar information in different formats.   One thing that will stay the same is our deadlines.   The spring deadline will be October 1st and the fall deadline will be January 5th.   So stay tuned and in the coming weeks I will be rolling out the changes we will be making in the applcation process for the coming year.

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Ethical Issues Of Health Care Marketing - 1034 Words

Ethical Issues in Health Care Marketing Marketers in health care face many challenges in today’s market place. Therefore, competitive edge and gaining market share is key to an organizations success. False or deceptive representation in advertising is illegal under both federal and state law. The deception need not be intentional for the advertisement to be deemed misleading. For this reason, organizations must provide marketing materials in a truthful and non-misleading advertising approach. In summary to Quinn’s (2008) article, organizations need to be able to market and advertise their products and services. However, organizations should be ethical in their marketing strategies and encourage their competitors to do the same. As leaders in health care industry, we have the responsibility to educate consumers on services to help them understand and manage their individual health (Quinn, 2008). Therefore, when organizations overstep by advertising false information a competitor should take the directive and articulate to their competitive partner that they are misleading consumers. At this point if the false or misleading information is not corrected or removed, the following regulatory agencies can assist on resolving the issue. These regulators are designed to protect consumers from false or deceptive advertising. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a federal organization that addresses national issues in regards to deceptive acts or practices that areShow MoreRelatedEthical Issues Of Health Care Marketing936 Words   |  4 PagesEthical Issues in Health Care Marketing In today’s competitive world, in order for any organization to succeed it requires the most fundamental aspect of marketing, which is to focus on their consumers (Berkowitz, 2011). As the marketing and technological development continues to keep expanding, as an outcome various health care organizations also need to be more adaptable to suffice the growing needs and demands of their consumers. Furthermore, there is a downside for the advancement in health careRead MoreEthics Of The Health Care Industry995 Words   |  4 Pagesin Healthcare Marketing Ethics in the health care industry are one of the most important cornerstones of patient care. Making ethical decisions, being vigilant in the lack of ethical decision making, and being proactive in the reporting and advancement of ethical practices are important factors for marketing professionals such as physicians and other health care professionals to be wary of. Conduct by pharmaceutical representatives and ethical practices in the marketing of pharmaceuticalRead MoreThe Ethical Marketing Strategy Of Pharmaceutical Advertising1451 Words   |  6 Pagessome of the ethical issues associated with this marketing strategy? Pharmaceutical advertisements has been the subject of deliberation for more than a century. Pharmaceutical advertising and marketing make up a large fragment of the activities of pharmaceutical corporations. These publications can be extremely informative as long as they are analytically evaluated. However, the data enclosed in promotional material may be scant or erroneous. Assuredly, the pharmaceutical marketing activities hasRead MoreThe Future Challenges Facing Health Care in the United States1299 Words   |  6 PagesChallenges Facing Health Care in the United States Liz M. Santiago Dr. Watson HSA 500 March 11, 2012 Identify and describe at least three of the most difficult issues facing health care in the United States today.   Our health care system is complex in the way it is setup and the way it operates. There are many key issues that face the health care system in the United States today. Three of the most difficult issues include diseases, health disparities and paying for health care. Read MoreEssay On Service Reimbursement1741 Words   |  7 Pagesand private pay) Cleveland Clinic financial activities at the local, state and federal levels are primarily focused in the areas of healthcare delivery system reforms. Specifically, they are interested in issues related to access to healthcare, patient outcomes, quality of care, wellness, health information technology adoption, physician education and provider reimbursements (Clinic, 2017). Also, these activities can take many forms including support of legislation, providing comment on proposed regulationsRead MoreTechnology Advances And Medical Devices For Consumer Use1448 Words   |  6 Pagesarticle â€Å"Health Entrepreneur Debates Going To Data’s Dark Side,† he discusses the company Safe Heart. Safe Heart is developing medical devices for consumer use. These devices are able to measure values like blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and perfusion index. Being able to collect these massive amounts of data, places these devices in the realm of big data. Although the topic of big d ata imposes its own issues, the medical nature of the data creates an additional set of important issues. SafeRead More Ethical Considerations in Customer Relationship Management Essay1411 Words   |  6 Pages Due to issues such as managed care contracting, and the financial impact of indigent care, healthcare providers find themselves in competition for patients with adequate health insurance, or the ability to pay cash for services provided to try to maintain fiscal solvency. E-health applications serve not only to advertise the services of a facility, but also to help the health care provider identify potential patients for the services they offer. In this paper I will explore the ethical considerationsRead MoreAn Ethical Code Of Conduct For Marketing1130 Words   |  5 Pageschoose to be open to the idea presented by the marketing agency. However, there is an equally higher number of audience that involuntarily becomes a victim to these sometimes false advertisements. The question that arises here is whether this kind of consumerism is ethical or not. Hundreds of example clearly show how some people buy products that don’t need and wouldn’t buy if they were not falsely a dvertised, especially in the case of children and of health products. The advertisements happen to ruinRead MoreThe Impact Of Medicare And Medicaid On Health Care1052 Words   |  5 Pagesthe 1965 some major changes have occurred within Health Services. One change that occurred specifically was in 1965 Medicaid and Medicare brought Federal and State government into direct financing of medical care. The result of Medicare and Medicaid escalated in the overall cost of health care. Medicare and Medicaid also resulted in more federal regulations and modified direction of technological change in medicine. The increased role of health care services expenditure in the total gross domesticRead MoreTechnology Applications For Nursing Care995 Words   |  4 PagesConcepts: 4 2.1Nursing Informatics as a Specialty 4 2.2 Use of Computers a Necessity in Health Care 5 2.3 The Open Source Soft Ware In Nursing 5 2.4 Physiologic Monitoring System 5 2.5 The Significance of Technology Applications to Nursing Care. 5 2.6 Electronic Health Record 6 2.7 Future Uses of Telehealth 6 2.8 Legal and Ethical Aspects 6 2.9 Ethical, and Professional Issues In Information Security 6 2.10 Ethical Applications in Informatics 7 3.0 Critical Evaluation: 7 3.1 PERSONAL LIFE: 7 3.1.1 Nursing

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Naruto - 1407 Words

EXPLORATORY RESEARCH Exploratory research might comprise of literature search or carrying out focus group interviews (RESEARCH METHODS 2014). The focus group interview is an unstructured free flowing interview with a small group of people. The objective of exploratory research is to recognize the crucial issues and variables and to assist researchers’ needs for better understanding, examine the viability of a more extensive research, and to identify the best means to be employed in the later study. The data collection methods have two and can be categorized into qualitative and quantitative methods. Qualitative method provides data in the form of words or perhaps visually, while quantitative method generates numerical data. Qualitative†¦show more content†¦The third place belongs to the promotion of the product by their relatives and friends thus act as a variable in promotion factor in their buying decision. The Fourth, which is the physical appearance of the product, this variable is pa rticularly prominent especially to the majority of the females as it drives them into the purchase of the product but not for males. Afterwards, the convenient purchase of Xiaomi through online is also important variable in the place factor but however is only important to males, females do not. Lastly, attributable to the quality of the product and durability of the product, though rated as an insignificant consideration but however acts product variables that exert little impact and attention on the consumer buying behavior. Conclusion In the contemporary day, smartphone is no longer deemed as a luxury product as if over the past it has become very common among the society and nearly a necessity for every people. Thus undeniably, it shows that the people using the smartphone are rocketing in number and consequently to the competition among the sector. Thereof, gaining a clear ideaShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Book Naruto 2135 Words   |  9 PagesNovember marks the second anniversary since the popular Japanese manga Naruto, ended. Naruto is one of the most famous Shonen mangas, series published in Japan. The first chapter of Naruto was published in 1999 by Masashi Kishimoto and the last chapter was published on November of 2016. In this story, Kishimoto explores the influence that society has shaped over the identity of an individual. The story follows the protagonist Naruto Uzumaki, and his trials and tribulations as an orphan growing up inRead MoreNaruto s A World Of Ninjas And Elemental / Spiritual Powers Based On Energy Within A Person1052 Words   |  5 PagesNaruto lives in a world of ninjas and elemental/spiritual powers based on energy within a person. (1) However Naruto s story begins before his birth with the labor of his mother Kushina Uzumaki. Kushina is a jinchuriki, a human being with spirit of pure energy within, of the nine-tailed fox known as Kurama. Upon giving birth the seal of the beast is weakened to a state in which the beast can escape. Kushina s husband Minato Namikaze, head of the village she lives in, along with other protectorsRead MoreGender Roles : Kids And Young Adults Animated Shows Movies Essay2379 Words   |  10 Pagesis also classified into many different categories, such as Shounen, Shoujo, and Harem, and even categories for different sexual preferences such as Hentai, Yuri , and Yaoi. The most popular category in the United States is Shounen, were anime like â€Å"Naruto†, â€Å"Noragami†, â€Å"Bleach†, â€Å"Dragon Ball Z†, â€Å"Attack on Titan†, â€Å"Fullmetal Alchemist†, â€Å"One Piece†, â€Å"Soul Eater†, and â€Å"Fairy Tail†, fall into this category. The Shounen category, (shounen in Japanese means â€Å"few years†, and refers to a boy from elementaryRead MoreEssay on Recursive: A Narrative Fiction2740 Words   |  11 Pagesthis guy Konohamaru?† Konohamaru. The name hits Asuma like a sledgehammer, as does the look on the boys tiny little face. Hes not crying, but hes close, and Asuma feels his mild annoyance with the Uzumaki disappear when his nephew says, â€Å"no, Naruto-nii.† Asuma had left shortly before Konohamaru was born – well, ten months before actually. Hed been too new to the Twelve to leave, even for his own brothers funeral, which had taken place mere days before Konohamarus birth and his mothers deathRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The 1538 Words   |  7 Pagesface happy with the work he had done. Today, Yi Xing finished memorizing everything in Naruto going from jutsus to character descriptions, bloodlines and so on. This was the only thing that he had focused on the entire year, he had not gone to school, he had rarely eaten or used the restroom, he only took a shower once every three months, he had leeched off of his parent’s money, why? Just because he loved Naruto and wanted to know everything about the show and the manga, ignoring the Boruto mangaRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Sasuke 1280 Words   |  6 Pagescheek. Her eyes widened as they both leaned in to kiss. I will never hurt you, Naruko... Suddenly an abrupt sound caused him to jolt awake from his dream. He sat up quickly, frowning find that he couldn t remember what was going on in his dream. Naruto Uzumaki, a young eighteen-year-old high school student, abandoned at an orphanage when he was just a baby, and now a senior, was looking for an apartment so that he didn t have to burden Iruka, his father-figure and the person who runs the orphanageRead MoreA Short Story1539 Words   |  7 Pagesthe ino-shika-cho kids. The kids father basically begged to keep the next generation that way. As for Kurenai, you will have the tracking team that includes Hinata, Kiba, and Shino. I expected for you to keep eye out for Hinata. What about Sasuke, Naruto, and Kakashi? You never stated who their teacher is. One of the Jounins stated. I havent forgotten about them. Their sensei is simply not here at the moment. She has a rather busy schedule today that I couldnt have her come join the meeting.Read MoreCreative Story : Story Of Ichiraku1029 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Naruto what a pleasant surprise to catch you on my five mile morning run!† The large brow boy exclaimed excitably, â€Å"Ah and you too Kiba! This really is a great surprise! Yosh!† Kibas eye twitched, â€Å"Whats surprising about catching Naruto in Ichiraku? He might as well live here, hes here so often.† Kiba thought to himself looking over at the blond who was now clasping the others hand tightly as if they were going to arm wrestle, Kiba sighs pinching the bridge of his nose, â€Å"These two are a messRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing965 Words   |  4 PagesNaruto picked at the residue left behind from an old sticker still clinging onto the desk. His eyes lighting up when Alphys set down his own bowl of hot, steamy, delicious ramen. Alright food s here! Itadakimasu! He scarfed down his food while Alphys was inattentively picking at her noodles. It was like this for a good two minutes, the only sound other silence would be Naruto s occasionally obnoxious slurping. He s such a pure and innocent child, he s already been through so much these pastRead MoreWho Is The Word Hero?1366 Words   |  6 Pagesheroes Superman and Naruto. Yes, the comics, books, and T.V. shows. So, how can someone who is not even real be a hero? Simply, it is through the messages they carry. Naruto and Superman fight with all their might against the destructive forces of evil and would do anything to protect their friends. They endure great pain and yet remain strong in their conviction to bring peace. Both shows inspire people to do the right thing. Spreading positive messages are what Superman, Naruto, Gandhi, and King

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Waste Disposal on Cat Ba Island Free Essays

At present, the waste disposal issue on Cat Ba Island is still seriously concerned. Mr. Sang Bui Quang, Director of Department of Natural Resources and Environment, said on website www. We will write a custom essay sample on Waste Disposal on Cat Ba Island or any similar topic only for you Order Now monre. gov. vn that waste management has not met environment protection requirements, there has not been waste treatment firms, and commonly discharge waste directly from ships into the sea. Consequently, it seems to impact on the environment, the scenery and also Cat Ba People. Waste disposal includes treatment in the land and on the water. In the land, Cat Ba has only one landfill, Dong Trong. It is not far from Hung Son block( about 8km), the point of storing rubbish through all sites of Cat Ba and surrounding areas with the volume of 40m3/day. Each day, the rubbish is buried and prayed three times. However, the landfill has not met hygienic standards so that the pollution here is adversely affecting people’s lives in this area. In reality, there are some campaigns to dispose the situation, but it is not effective. The landfill still has rising smoke and the unbearable stench so that flies and mosques are crowded there and surrounding areas. Assigned to Cat Hai public construction and urban service company to collect, transport and dispose rubbish in the area of Cat Ba, including handling baggage pollution of Dong Trong. Despite great efforts to minimize pollution affects people’s lives, the district also can process according to the method of chemical spraying, burial. There is no way to remedy the situation thoroughly cell infection here. On the water, waste disposal has met more difficulty. In the bay, there are 123 cages, including 106 aquaculture cages and 17 cages with people living, which is the main reason for water pollution. Although each cage has its own trash, the big amount of rubbish into the water (i. e. waste water, fish, food†¦). Waste from the fishing vessel and the fish cages are at risk of causing environmental pollution at the alarming level. Fishing boats use big plastic bags to marinate fis, they scratch those and throw into the sea before moving up onto the shore. According to Mr. Bay Vu Tien, there is also a collecting ship to take rubbish from cages to the land. But it just counts for 30% of the waste. The baggage is floating on the water that makes a bad image about Cat Ba environment in tourists’ mind. How to cite Waste Disposal on Cat Ba Island, Essay examples

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The Electoral College Good or Bad free essay sample

House of Representatives. Each of these electors meets in their respective state capitals and cast their vote for the offices of President and Vice President. These electors are supposed to represent the popular vote that took place the month before. These votes are tallied and a winner is declared. While the process seems simple, there are major flaws in the United States Electoral College. The first major flaw is the fact that there is no federal or constitutional law against an elector casting their vote for someone other than the winner of the popular vote in their state. There are a few states that have laws concerning this, but most of the time there is little penalty for someone who doesn’t vote the way that they are told by the majority of voters. In fact, a number of states impose nothing more than a monetary fine. Voters who vote for someone other than pledged, known as â€Å"faithless electors†, have not actually changed the outcome of any U. We will write a custom essay sample on The Electoral College: Good or Bad or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page S. presidential election so far. However, the possibility remains that they have the potential to do so. A wide-open loophole such as this should not exist in our election system. Even disregarding the loophole of faithless electors, the U. S. Electoral College system has failed the United States a number of times, most recently in the 2000 election. In the presidential elections in 1876, 1888, and 2000, the Electoral College elected the person that did not receive the popular vote. This happens because majority of the states have a â€Å"winner-takes-all† approach to electoral voting. This means that whichever candidate wins the popular vote in that state earns all of that state’s electoral votes. For example, a candidate could win a large state like California, which has a lot of electoral votes, by a narrow margin and would receive all of that state’s pledged votes. Combine this with results from other states and a candidate can technically have won the popular vote, but receive less electoral votes. The system obviously favors small states because, regardless of population, each state has a minimum of 3 electoral votes. While it would seem that our nation would have long abolished the Electoral College, especially since it has changed the outcome of at least three of our presidential elections, there are good reasons why that has not yet come to fruition. The best reason that the Electoral College is still intact is because it forces candidates to campaign in areas that they would not normally. If the vote was purely a popular one, candidates could easily campaign in heavy populated cities and completely disregard smaller rural areas. By giving states like Alaska and Rhode Island, that have small populations, the minimum 3 electoral votes, it forces candidates to value these states that would otherwise be ignored. This also means that our President-elect, in theory, should also appeal to more voter groups overall geographically, socio-economically, and ethnically. I understand why the U. S. Electoral College was first created, but I think times have changed and that we should abolish this outdated system. Especially with all the advances that we have made in technology, conducting a popular vote would now be a fairly easy process than a century ago and we need to take steps to change the way that we conduct presidential elections. The 2000 election, a mere 13 years ago, would have had a completely different outcome if we would have had a popular vote versus the Electoral College. Elections are supposed to represent the will of the people and because the Electoral College has failed to do that, it needs to be redesigned to ensure that does not happen or eradicated altogether. By not taking corrective measures, we are devaluing the vote of each and every American citizen. References U. S. Constitution. Article II, Section 1, Clause 2. Why the Electoral College, P. Andrew Sandlin, December 13, 2000. Lewrockwell. com. December 13, 2000. Retreived May 20, 2013.

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Reillys Law of Retail Gravitation

Reilly's Law of Retail Gravitation In 1931, William J. Reilly was inspired by the law of gravity to create an application of the gravity model to measure retail trade between two cities. His work and theory, The Law of Retail Gravitation, allows us to draw trade area boundaries around cities using the distance between the cities and the population of each city. History of the Theory Reilly realized that the larger a city, the larger a trade area it would have and thus it would draw from a larger hinterland around the city. Two cities of equal size have a trade area boundary midway between the two cities. When cities are of unequal size, the boundary lies closer to the smaller city, giving the larger city a larger trade area. Reilly called the boundary between two trade areas the breaking point (BP). On that line, exactly half the population shops at either of the two cities. The formula is used between two cities to find the BP between the two. The distance between the two cities is divided by one plus the result of dividing the population of city B by the population of city A. The resulting BP is the distance from city A to the 50% boundary of the trade area. One can determine the complete trade area of a city by determining the BP between multiple cities or centers. Of course, Reillys law presumes that the cities are on a flat plain without any rivers, freeways, political boundaries, consumer preferences, or mountains to modify an individuals progress toward a city.

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Clench vs. Clinch

Clench vs. Clinch Clench vs. Clinch Clench vs. Clinch By Mark Nichol What’s the difference between clench and clinch? Their meanings are identical, but usage varies. To clench or to clinch is to hold tight. However, clench has limited senses of grabbing something or tightening a part of one’s body, such as a fist or a jaw. Clinch, though it is a variant of clench, is much more diverse in usage, with literal and figurative meanings. It refers to bending or flattening nails, screws, and other fasteners, to closing or settling a deal or an argument, or to guaranteeing a victory. It can also be a noun, referring to the action of holding or hugging, and a clincher is someone or something that secures or settles. The predecessor of clench and clinch is cling, which also has a sense of holding tight, as when someone clings to someone else or to something (whether an object or an idea), but it also refers to things that hold together or adhere, such as material (like fabric or plastic) that wraps closely around a person or an object. Clutch, more distantly related to the other words, has the same basic meaning as clench and clinch but has an additional connotation of sudden movement. In addition, unlike its synonyms, it may suggest an aborted or unsuccessful attempt to grab something or someone. Clutch is also used as a noun to describe a hold or an attempted hold, and it may refer to a mechanical part that holds other components in place during a shifting of gears, or to a pedal that activates such a part. It also has a figurative meaning of â€Å"a difficult situation,† or one may figuratively be caught in someone’s clutches or in a clutch caused by circumstances. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Misused Words category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:70 Idioms with HeartCapitalization Rules for the Names of Games50+ Words That Describe Animals (Including Humans)